Pinnacle Foundation Repair Systems

Pinnacle Structural Services specializes in repairing structural and foundation damage that are unique to the soil and weather patterns of Colorado.  Due to Colorado’s expansive soil, the presence of granite, and sudden changes in weather, we frequently see the telltale signs of structural problems including cracks in walls and foundations, gaps around doors and windows, misaligned trim and molding and cracked or uneven floors.

We provide a free, fair evaluation of your property to determine whether you have structural problems and, if so, the extent of the issues.  We focus on creating solid results with every job, and because your trust means more to us than a signature on a check, we’re not afraid to tell you if you don’t need our services when we go through our thorough evaluation process.

Colorado Foundation and Structural Repair Experts

Our structural repair professionals are experts at the following repair services:

Helical Piles & Piers Installation to Help Settling Foundation Problems

Helical piers are versatile in that they can resist both upward and downward forces, which is ideal for Colorado’s expansive soil and the structural problems presented by it. Post-installation techniques can also be employed if the connections and shafts need to be stiffened, although it is ideal to make those connections as stiff as possible during the initial installation process so there is no risk of buckling.

Resistance Piles and Piers for Foundation Problems

Benefits of installing push piers as opposed to helical piers include cost since there is no helical blade and they are installed without any torque equipment. Upon inspection, one of our specialists can discuss with you the most appropriate, cost-effective option for treating your property’s foundation’s problems.

Foundation Repair and Reinforcement with Carbon Fiber Wrap and Kevlar Straps

Pinnacle uses a method created by Fortress Stabilization Systems, which utilizes carbon fiber Kevlar sheet straps in combination with a specifically-designed epoxy bonding agent, providing up to three times the strength of the original structure so that the foundation won’t buckle or move for the lifetime of your home.

Helical Tieback Anchors for Cracked, Buckled and Bowed Walls

Helical tieback anchors are designed to bring stability to crackled, buckled, and bowed walls in basements, even in the most difficult cases. Also known as ‘wall anchors’ or ‘screw anchors,’ they are mechanically screwed into soil and secured using interior wall plates. They are Colorado building code-accepted and the foundation of your home is permanently reinforced correcting current issues while preventing future ones.

Micropiles for Foundation Reinforcement with Limited Access

Instead of traditional piles, micropiles are installed in situations where access is limited or headroom is low. When there is limited access, low headroom, adjacent walls and other structures, or there is the threat of something substantial like a sinkhole, the conventional heavy machinery used for piles cannot be used.

Foundation Vapor Barrier Protection for Moisture Mitigation

Vapor barriers work to protect your flooring and other moisture-sensitive furnishings in the building’s interior from moisture and water vapor migration, greatly reducing condensation, mold and degradation.

Interior Drainage Systems to Protect Against Foundation Damage

Whether it is diverting the water source by redesigning gutter systems, constructing interior drains, grading soil around the area, blocking moisture with a vapor barrier, filling holes and cracks or applying waterproofing materials, Pinnacle will work with you to find the best repair for your water intrusion issue.