Foundation Repair Denver, Colorado

Examining the Process of Structural Foundation Inspection and Repairs by Pinnacle Structural Services in Denver and Colorado Springs

There are a few different ways of repairing cracked and damaged foundations. The methods used depend of variety of factors such as your home or business’s proximity to the mountains here in Colorado, the size of the structure, if it’s a new or existing building, how much support is needed, and what type of soil is present (this includes the presence of granite in the soil).

Click on the links below to find out about some of the more common ways to repair foundation problems.

Helical Piers– Suited for deep foundations allowing the weight of the structure to be transferred from an unstable upper layer to stronger soil deeper in the ground. These can be installed in homes or industrial buildings with little disruption and work for new and existing structures.

MicroPiles– A smaller alternative to traditional piles when there is limited access or headroom or if the soil is too weak to carry the load of a traditional pile. Micropiles can be added to new structures or can replace piles in existing structures with little to no disturbance.

Push Piers– Using the weight of your structure’s foundation, piers are driven into the ground using resistance. These can be used on new structures or to repair and can work almost any soil type. They are not suitable for crawl spaces.

Carbon Fiber Kevlar Straps – Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials known to man and can withstand an incredibly high amount of tension, making it the ideal material for foundation reinforcement.

Foundation Maintenance

Foundation maintenance is important for residential homeowners and commercial business owners. Why? Without this step, problems will start to occur or existing issues can get even worse.

  • Downspouts should be at least 6-10 feet away from the foundation.
  • Keep sprinkler heads away from the foundation.
  • Keep large shrubs and bushes away from the foundation.
  • If you are re-landscaping yourself, make sure you have a 10% positive grade from the foundation.
  • If you have sidewalks and they slope towards the house, have them repaired or replaced.

In some cases, cracks in your foundation don’t necessarily need to be fixed, but you’ll need to inspect the issue first to find out. Call us at (720) 202-7015 (Denver) or (719) 650-9573 (Southern Colorado) to have one of our experts come out and provide an assessment of your home or commercial property.


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