Interior Drains

In Colorado, melting snow, ice, condensation and rain are destructive forces that can result in substantial damage to your home’s foundation and basement. Because many of these forces occur invisibly underground, water intrusion presents one of most unrecognized problems for homeowners.

Water accumulation inside your home presents risks to you and your family as it can lead to the growth of mold, support pest populations and eventually cause expensive structural problems.

Pinnacle Structural Services can advise you of the best way to keep water drained away from your home’s foundation. Not only do you want your living space to remain dry and warm, you need to consider what water infiltration does to the soil that supports your home’s foundation. Pinnacle can recommend interior drainage systems to control water accumulation.

Interior Drainage Systems

Interior drainage systems can be installed in as little as two days by digging or jackhammering the current basement floor around the perimeter, installing the drainage system on a layer of clean stone and then cemented back over.  If done correctly, the install can be done with minimal disruption in your home and the final system will be invisible after installation.

Sump Pumps

Pinnacle Structural Services also installs sump pumps as a remedy for water intrusion in your basement.  Each system is uniquely engineered and can be installed with built-in alarms to alert you of any system issues.  Pinnacle can help you keep your sump pump running at optimal performance and can trouble-shoot problems that may arise.

Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is a common problem that can be a sign of a deeper issue with the construction of your home. Interior leaks may be noticed as leaks around the base of the basement walls or bubbling of the plaster on your home’s foundation walls. Regardless of the cause of the water leak, it could lead to irreparable damage to your home if not repaired quickly.

There are many paths moisture can take in entering a building, such as leaking through openings in walls or through floors, or vapor moving through wall openings. Exterior walls are often a common water-intrusion problem as moisture condenses on the surface of the wall during heating season. A blocked rain gutter, wind driven rain, ice backup in winter, or leaking pipes and waste lines all can be sources of water intrusion.

All leaks bringing free water into your home must be blocked or corrected. Lack of attention could result in dry-rot of the wood framing system, wet insulation, damaged carpet, flooring, furniture and water, stained gypsum board.

Whether it is diverting the water source by redesigning gutter systems, constructing interior drains, grading soil around the area, blocking moisture with a vapor barrier, filling holes and cracks or applying waterproofing materials, Pinnacle will work with you to find the best repair for your water intrusion issue.


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