Testimonials & Awards


My name is Patrick and one of your team members recently came to my home to do a structural inspection. I thought the foundation was falling apart thus, compromising the structure of the home. First of all, I have a very restricted schedule and am only available in the evenings and on weekends. When I explained this to Ryan (I believe was her name) she was accommodating as to getting someone out there in a timely manner that worked for me (some other companies pretty much said ‘oh well’). She even mentioned that she spoke with the owner of the company to try and make this happen. I really appreciate the fact that there are still companies out there that are
owned by individuals who care enough to be involved with their companies on a ground level.

Pinnacle’s representative came in without all the frills that the two previous companies who quoted the job did. By frills I should say ‘scare tactics’ because all the videos and paperwork we were required to watch and read in the presence of the sales rep were just that. All this before even looking at the home. And YES, I consider them sales reps, not knowledgeable technicians.

Ross came in and immediately wanted to get hands on and see what I was calling about. He surveyed the outside of the house (with me hanging around nearby) thoroughly and spoke to me in detail about what he felt was going on, even offering solutions and local companies that could help with the things Pinnacle doesn’t handle (gutters, grading, etc.). All this before ever entering the crawl space. This was something that the previous companies just seemed to ignore and just wanted in the crawl space. Even though the reason I called was concerning a hole on the outside of the foundation.

Next we entered the crawlspace. Unlike the other two who obviously had an agenda, Ross actually addressed what I thought was the problem and explained in detail what was going on and why. After leaving the crawl space, Ross took the time to answer some other questions I had concerning the structure of our home, unlike the previous two. Not only did he take time to answer all of my/our questions, he did it in a professional manner that left me feeling no doubt that he had the knowledge we expected.

All in all, I just wanted to say thanks Ross and Pinnacle. I/we expect quality, knowledge & professionalism from contract companies we bring into our home for work and Ross/Pinnacle NAILED it. It actually restored a little faith that there are companies out there that respect people and don’t pray on them, and I’m a skeptic for sure.I will certainly recommend your company.

–Patrick, Aurora

I really appreciate the professional job you and everyone in your company who was involved did on the structural repairs of my townhome. I praised your company to the realtor who recommended you to me initially. He was grateful in hearing this and will recommend you if/when needed in the future. Keep up the good work!

–Satisfied Customer, Littleton

We are very grateful not only for Pinnacle’s efforts to repair the structural deficiencies of our home, but also the way in which Pinnacle did so. The entire Pinnacle team was committed to doing the job right, completing the project on time with the least inconvenience to us, and communicating with us every step of the way. Throughout the process, the entire Pinnacle team was personable, easy to reach, willing to answer each and every question we had, diligent, and true to their word. Working with Pinnacle turned a bad situation into a good situation. Thanks, Pinnacle!

–Mike & Michelle, Superior

I made dozens of phone calls and got half a dozen estimates before I found a company that I was comfortable with to fix the water problem in my basement. Only Pinnacle was able to provide a clear explanation of why I needed an interior drain, how the drain would work, and where the drain needed to be placed. While other companies were guessing at what might fix my problem, Pinnacle measured the moisture in my concrete floor and gave me definite answers. From the beginning to the end the crew at Pinnacle did an exceptional job. They arrived on time, had the proper tools, used the best materials, and treated my home with respect.

–Julie, Parker

After interviewing several contractors for this very large job, it was quickly apparent that Mike and Mike of Pinnacle Structural Services were not only very educated in what they do, they were the right people to take care of our home. They had proven to be trustworthy, highly professional and got the job done in the time they said they would. No matter what difficulties arose from working on our less than cooperative house, they got it done. I highly recommend them and would not trust anyone else with the foundation of our home. Thanks guys.

–Mike, Superior

Pinnacle was very prompt and business like in getting the appraisal for the work needed to correct our foundation problem. We do not live in the state and so clear communication was very important and they were always there to talk about the work. The work was done in a professional manner within the approximated time frame. We are very satisfied with the work and service provided by Pinnacle Structural Services.

–Randall & Bess, Golden

To Whom it May Concern:

First of all I wanted to thank the gal at Pinnacle for being so pleasant and for being prompt with scheduling.

I am writing to compliment Pinnacle as a whole. Pinnacle was able to identify some things about my house that I was not aware of. We do not need Pinnacle’s services and hopefully never will but I could not be more pleased that I decided to call you guys. No referral, no idea really how you guys would present yourselves and it was all professional. It is relieving to hear someone say the things I was hoping to hear. My structural engineer made a point of fixing drainage first and we replaced all of the gutters and some lines that were causing improper drainage but Pinnacle made the point that we need to ensure proper slope from the foundation. Obviously a good idea but I wasn’t paying such close attention to that and will adjust some of the grade.

Finally, Pinnacle kindly measured and defined that we have a 1/2″ drop from the center of the house to the exterior wall. It was not major but it is a relief to know that is not of great magnitude for a home that is close to 50 yrs old. He explained why this is likely due ot different code requirements for foundations construction back then. It confirmed that we should do everything we can to slow or stop any future movement with correct drainage.

I have had a lot of contractors that I’ve talked with and a lot that I have worked with and I would say my experience with you (although limited) puts you in a small group at the top.

–Doug, Greenwood Village

Pinnacle came and gave me a thorough inspection of the house since I have cracks on wall and ceiling and some nail pops. They were more thorough than other guys Service Magic sent me. They had fancy laser stands to do measurements and they told me it was settling of the house and the house has no foundation problem. Welcome to Colorado living and have drywall repair. They didn’t charge me anything since they don’t do drywall. I like these guys. Their honesty and good nature will bring them business.

–Service Magic Customer

Was very impressed with this professional, they called right away and came out the very next day. Their information was valuable and a much more positive than other pros we have contacted in the past. When and if we get ready to hire they would definitely be considered. Very professional approach and VERY honest and upfront with us.

–Service Magic Customer

Having foundational problems with ones house create great worries. But, Pinnacle’s customer service was prompt amicable, and provided a fair quote and completed the job on time. Thanks Mike L. and Mike S. for your work!


The Pinnacle team worked on my home in SE Aurora. They did a great job. They were highly professional and informative. They explained the issues in details and provided very good solutions at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend the Pinnacle team.

–Moyed Miften, Aurora

Working with Pinnacle is the best decision I have made in a long time. They are so professional and actually care about their clients.Thank you so much Pinnacle!


Pinnacle Structural Services did precisely what they promised, and charged their costs estimates. Their personnel were consistently courteous and explicit in their explanations of the work to be done and its progress.

–William, Aurora

I cannot thank Pinnacle enough. Pinnacle Structural Services, on more than one occasion, went beyond the call of duty and came through on everything they said they would do. They were the only ones who had our back through this difficult time. I have not dealt with contractors as professional as this company, true to their word and so good at what they do. THANK YOU PINNACLE STRUCTURAL SERVICES – you are the best!

–Lisa, Superior