Micropiles, also known as minipiles, pin piles, needle piles, or root piles, are an alternative to conventional piling techniques needed for foundation reinforcement or to replace deteriorating foundations.

Instead of traditional piles, micropiles are installed in situations where access is limited or headroom is low. When there is limited access, low headroom, adjacent walls and other structures, or there is the threat of something substantial like a sinkhole, the conventional heavy machinery used for piles cannot be used.

Micropiles can be installed almost anywhere that traditional piles are required and involve drilling small diameter tubes and forcing grout or concrete into those tubes. Self-contained drill units are used in a process that is similar to tieback anchor installation. This provides structural support while not interfering with the soil or natural environment.

Micropiles can be used in soil or bedrock depending on the soil’s condition. Expansive, moist soil will always be problematic for homeowners and commercial property owners in Colorado, so this is a plus. An inspector will determine the soil conditions and load requirements for each specific project.

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