Finding the Right Contractor for Your Foundation Repair Needs

Finding the Right Foundation Repair ContractorFinding the Right Foundation Repair Contractor

Being faced with the prospect of foundation repair is a daunting enough situation for most homeowners, having to contemplate all the things that go into choosing the right contractor to work with that will make a stressful experience less so often seems like the last thing you want to take on. But finding the right foundation repair contractor is a necessary part of the process to ensure you find a company who will take your needs, wants, comfort, and safety into account while expertly and efficiently handling the problem. Not sure what to look for? We suggest taking into account these major considerations in your research and conversations with potential contractors.

Experience – More Than Just Years

It’s not enough just to have been in business for “25+ years” [insert big, tough radio voice here]. Sure, you want an experienced team who has been at this for awhile at your side. Foundation repair is no beginner’s game. But to have years under your belt doesn’t automatically mean you’re good at what you do. Make sure the contractor you choose has the years of experience, but also has in-depth experience in your area, working with homes like yours that are built on soil like yours. There are so many small environmental particulars that have the ability to make a huge difference in whether or not your contractor can properly handle the job.

Price Vs. Benefits

You probably already know this, but it bears repeating – do NOT pick the cheapest option out there solely for the sake of saving money. In the long run, the cheapest option will likely be the most expensive. Band-aid solutions are no good in the world of foundation repair. It’s a comprehensive job that needs to be done right the first time. Weigh the pricing against the benefits of the contractors you’re considering. You’re not looking for cheap, you’re looking for a solid value. The best value is that sweet spot where the price doesn’t make you want to cry for days but you aren’t sacrificing necessary benefits and risking cut corners to save.


There’s something to be said for what others have said about the contractor you’re considering. Do you know anyone who has worked with them before? Can they give you a candid review of their experience? Understanding the reputation your potential contractor has within your community is a worthwhile part of researching the right choice. Knowing you’re working with a trusted team who has helped many a homeowner in your area goes a long way toward feeling good about the decision you’re making. Check out reviews but make sure to check the validity of the people who left them. If your spammy red flag is going off, it’s probably best to seek other review and reputation information elsewhere.


We touched on this point above, but expertise is not to be undervalued. A contractor who understands all the ins and outs of your area, the neighborhood you live in, all the moving pieces that might impact the project and how to navigate any potential surprises that might crop up over the course of your repair. Because foundation repair is affected by the soil and structural makeup of the ground surrounding your home, it’s important to ensure the contractor you hire has a thorough understanding and expertise in those areas as well as in the area of foundation repair.

If you’re in the Colorado area and are facing the daunting task of foundation repair, we’d love to help make it a lot less daunting. Our expert team is dedicated to leaving the scare tactics behind and helping you find the most effective, straightforward solution to your needs possible. Call (720) 202-7015 or schedule your free, no scare estimate.