From the Ground Up: A Guide to House Foundations

Every house is built on a foundation that supports its weight, provides stability, and keeps out moisture. Understanding the type of foundation your home has and how to maintain it is crucial for its longevity and safety. Three Common Types of House Foundations Slab Foundations: A single layer of concrete poured several inches thick directly on the ground, suitable for Read More

Understanding Home Settling: Insights from Pinnacle Structural Systems

Home settling naturally occurs due to various factors like soil characteristics, environmental conditions, and building techniques.  While some initial settling is normal and typically manifests as minor cosmetic changes, distinguishing between typical and potentially harmful settling is crucial for maintaining your home’s integrity and value. Key Signs of Concerning Home Settling Cracks in the Foundation: Horizontal or large cracks can Read More

How To Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Keeping your home’s foundation protected can go a long way in preventing damage and saving you on foundation repair. But what goes into ensuring your foundation is as protected as possible? Well, there are a number of things to consider, before and after build, and in the dry Colorado climate. Here are a few to consider regarding how to protect Read More

Colorado Soil Wreaks Havoc on Home Foundations

Basement and Pavement Cracks – Should You Worry? The Colorado climate is a joy to live in most of the time. There’s a lot to love – mild weather almost year-round, easy access to the mountains, over 300 days of sunshine. But because of the dry air, and the rapid swings in weather we tend to get (sure, they don’t stick Read More

Leave It to the Pros

Foundation Repair Pros:  DIY Not a Good Idea With the plethora of DIY shows on TV and articles available on the internet, it’s becoming increasingly common that people try their hand at a project before bringing the professionals in – including foundation repair. While we’re all for people accomplishing tasks that are within their abilities, there are times when a DIY Read More