Carbon-Fiber/Kevlar Technology

Foundation Repair and Reinforcement with Carbon Fiber Wrap, Straps and Kevlar Straps

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Carbon fiber has only been recently introduced to the construction industry, and Pinnacle Structural Services is proud to be one of only two companies in the Denver area to use this high-strength, lightweight composite material that is stronger than steel to repair the foundations of homes and large buildings.

Carbon fiber technology has been used in the construction and reinforcement of everything from bridges to other large concrete structures like parking garages and roadways, and in the case of carbon fiber Kevlar sheet straps, it can provide stabilization for the foundations of residential and commercial foundations, including homes, large hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and more.

Pinnacle uses a method created by Fortress Stabilization Systems, which utilizes carbon fiber Kevlar sheet straps in combination with a specifically-designed epoxy bonding agent, providing up to three times the strength of the original structure so that the foundation won’t buckle or move for the lifetime of your home.

When it comes to cracks in concrete foundations that continue to grow over time, filling those holes is simply not sufficient. Stability of the structure must be restored using reinforcement. Carbon fiber Kevlar straps essentially “tie everything back together.”

Prior to using carbon fiber Kevlar straps, I-beams were installed to correct foundational issues like bowed wall. While this method successfully corrected the problems by providing lateral concrete reinforcement, the beams would stick out from the wall and were seen as obtrusive, diminishing the cosmetic appeal of a home or building.

Carbon fiber Kevlar straps allow foundational issues to be corrected without virtually anyone noticing. There is also no heavy equipment or machinery required for installation, meaning these problems can be corrected quietly with no downtime for an existing structure. It can also be used in new construction to increase wind load tolerances.

If your home or commercial building is dealing with cracks, buckling walls, or other foundation-related issues, contact Pinnacle Structural Services to learn more about our reinforcement and repair services. You don’t have to settle for unsightly I-beams that will compromise aesthetics and may even cost you more — you have alternatives.

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